JCCC3 Pricing Info and Preliminary FAQ Now Available

Oooh, look! We’ve released more JCCC3 details. Sound the media! Alert the alarm!

The Pricing page now has a full breakdown of the Cruise and Entertainment Pass prices for JCCC3.

In addition, we’ve got a preliminary FAQ up and running (with answers about JCCC3 in general, as well as the booking process); more details forthcoming, we promise. We think we’ve answered most of the likely booking questions there, but if we missed something, please just let us know.

For everyone who pre-registered: please be aware that the deadline to cancel with a 100% refund on your pre-registration deposit is 11:59:59 pm (Eastern) on May 4, 2012. All cancellations made on or after May 5th will incur a $35 processing fee. If you wish to cancel your pre-registration, you can do so here: (You’ll need your Pre-Registration ID number, as well as the name and email address you used to pre-register)

Actual booking will begin in mid/late-May, 2012. (Specific date TBA) It’s one step closer to being a real, actual thing! Are you excited yet? Because we are excited yet!

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