The Entertainment

Included with your cruise purchase from is exclusive access to all of the following:

The Concerts

The main event shipboard concerts will be held primarily in the ship’s beautiful Alhambra Theatre and Studio B (exact times TBA), and are open only to all JoCo Cruise Crazy 5 attendees.

The following artists will be appearing on JoCo Cruise Crazy 5:

Jonathan Coulton

Paul and Storm

Plenty more to come…soon!

Shipboard Events

We’ll have activities planned for every day and/or night of the trip. (And that’s not even counting the Unofficial Activities that the Sea Monkeys will be organizing.) Here’s some of the official events already planned:

  • Dedicated, 24-hour tabletop gaming space and info center for competing, scrabbling, delving, magicking and gathering, Analog Tweeting, and a central hub for information/planning (with wipeboards and pens and stuff!)
  • JoCo Live Band Karaoke, and NoCo Karaoke (a.k.a. Karaoke Regular)
  • Movie Night III
  • 5th Annual Paul F. Tompkins Memorial Moustache Formal and Fezstravaganza: an evening of formal wear (optional but recommended), fezzes (optional but recommended) and moustaches (optional; provided)
  • Shove-off complimentary cocktail hour for EVERYONE
  • Farewell complimentary cocktail hour for EVERYONE

More details on these events and more SOON™!

Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton is from the Internet. While a struggling music industry fell to pieces over file sharing and shifting business models, he quietly and independently amassed a small army of techies, nerds, and dedicated superfans. Featured in the New York Times, NPR and slashdot, his songs cover an eclectic range of subjects, from zombies and mad scientists to marriage and parenthood. In concert he moves fluidly between pathos and ridiculous fun. Seeing your first Coulton show is like walking into an insider club meeting, but one that gleefully welcomes and indoctrinates you in short order.

Paul and Storm

Paul and Storm have been writing and performing funny songs together for a long, long time, starting with their stint together in a cappella band Da Vinci’s Notebook. Their music tends to make people laugh and feel good, and Paul and Storm believe that this makes their pursuit noble, right and just. BONUS: their live show is better than 1,000 Fonzies, and more spellbinding than Mr. T on a unicycle. (And equally as confusing as both of those things)

In addition to their own performances, Paul and Storm serve as co-producers of the JoCo Cruise Crazy fan cruise. They are also co-founders of w00tstock, nerd-themed variety show co-hosted by Adam Savage (“Mythbusters”) and Wil Wheaton (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Eureka”), which has toured theaters across America since 2009.

In 2013, the duo debuted their musical webseries, LearningTown, produced by Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry YouTube channel. Paul and Storm’s music has also been featured on the popular online cartoon website Homestar Runner, web series The Guild and The Legend of Neil, “The Drew Carey Show”, Comedy Central, the “Bob and Tom” syndicated morning radio show, and all over the YouTubes and internets. Their new CD, Ball Pit,comes out in 2014.

(JCCC Performer lineup subject to change without notice, much like the universe itself)