JCCC3: We’re Making a Note Here:


Thank you, everyone, for making JCCC3 the largest, and (to our minds) most successful JCCC to date.

Lots of information forthcoming—feedback surveys, announcements re: JCCC4, etc.—but for the time being, we shall merely say “thank you” once again, and go back to weaning ourselves off of sunshine and frozen drink dependency.


Imminent Northeast US Snowstorm

We know a lot of you may be affected by the snowstorm bearing down on the Northeastern US this weekend.

We wish all of you the best of luck with your travel plans, and strongly suggest you keep a close eye on the forecast, because it is changing rapidly and repeatedly. Be aware of your travel options: many airlines have waived flight transfer fees for rescheduling, if you choose to investigate that option.

But just to be clear, because several folks have asked: neither JCCC nor Royal Caribbean offer refunds in the event you miss the cruise due to inclement weather/transportation cancellation. Your only recourse for a refund in this event would be if you had purchased trip insurance that covered such a situation.

That said, we are SURE that everyone is going to make it in time because THE UNIVERSE IS NOT THAT CRUEL and it WANTS US ALL TO MAKE IT TO JCCC3 ON TIME.

Think lovely thoughts.

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Karaoke Nights on JCCC3

As you may have seen, there are quite a few karaoke events on JCCC3 this year. We’d like to go over the different events in a bit more detail:

Live JoCo Band Karaoke (Studio B, Wed. night)

Jonathan will select roughly a dozen of “the hits;” sign-up sheets will be available in the Conference Center. Then, on Wednesday night, someone from each song’s list will be randomly selected to sing that song with Jonathan and his band performing it live with them.

UPDATE:  Jonathan has selected the official song list for this event, and it is as follows:

  • Big Bad World One
  • Code Monkey
  • Future Soon
  • I Feel Fantastic
  • Mandelbrot Set
  • Re: Your Brains
  • Shop Vac
  • Skullcrusher Mountain
  • Sticking It to Myself
  • Still Alive
  • Sucker Punch
  • Want You Gone

Regular Karaoke (Studio B, Wed. night)

This will be similar to previous years’ karaoke nights; people will submit (non-JoCo) songs they wish to sing; the evening will be hosted and curated by David Rees and John Roderick. When we say “curated,” it means that, while the selection process will be somewhat random, the hosts will also be looking to program an entertaining evening for everyone; so there may be an occasional ringer thrown in, and they will be looking to not have, say, twelve ballads in a row.

Super Funtime Karaoke (On-Air Club, several sessions during the week)

These somewhat more intimate sessions (the On-Air Club seats approximately 160-170 people) will all be open to both JoCo and non-JoCo songs, will feature a variety of hosts, and the selection process each evening will be entirely random. (With the exceptions of culling out any repeats; also, unless the attendance is very low, individuals may sing only one song per session)

Song Lists

We will have physical copies of the karaoke song lists available at the events; but they are also available as PDFs for easy download below. We strongly recommend you download them to your Personal Portable Smart Devices of Electronic Communication; they will be more easily searchable that way, and you won’t have to crowd around a binder with 25 other people:

JoCo Karaoke Songs

Non-JoCo Karaoke Songs – sorted by title

Non-JoCo Karaoke Songs – sorted by artist


Gimme Some Shade on CocoCay!

UPDATE 01/20/13:

Okay, this time for sure…

We once again apologize for the technical difficulties encountered this past Friday night that kept the CocoCay amenities sign-ups from proceeding as planned.

After lengthy consideration here at JCCC Central Command, here is how we are handling things from this point:

  • A small number of reservations did actually get through on Friday night. We are going to honor those reservations.
  • We will be distributing the remaining amenities via “lottery.” This will both eliminate the potential for any more server-related issues, and is the most fair to all passengers—those unavailable at a specific time, international Sea Monkeys in earlier time zones, etc.
  • Submission forms to request each amenity can be found below; you’ll need to submit your JCCC3 Booking ID (NOT your RCI booking number), name, and e-mail address:
  • Submissions will be open until Wednesday, January 23 at 8 pm EST. After that time, recipients of the amenities will be randomly selected from the pool of submissions for that amenity. We will first select cabanas, then tiki huts, then blue shells.
  • Individual passengers may submit themselves for multiple amenities, but one time per amenity only. Additionally, passengers may only receive one amenity total; if a person receives a cabana, for example, they will be removed from consideration for the tiki huts and/or blue shells.

Passengers on the JCCC3 discussion forums have been organizing themselves into groups of six for the cabanas (thereby increasing their chances of their overall group being selected for a cabana); if you are interested in organizing or joining a similar group, please visit the “Sharing Cabanas at CocoCay” discussion group.




Apologies for the trouble with these links everybody – if you tried earlier and they didn’t work, you were not wrong. Scarface is working from a phone inside a car on a server that we don’t own, and JoCo is distracted by legal issues, and because you sea monkeys are so organized and POUNCY, said server is now borked. We’re going to hold on this until we can get it right and have a fair way for people to reserve on a first-come, first-served basis. We have a mess of cabanas, tiki huts and clamshells set aside for our group, so don’t worry that the Snorks aren’t going to steal them while we wait. With that in mind and with the long weekend ahead of us, we’re going to relaunch this puppy at 9 PM EST this Tuesday evening. Our sincerest apologies.


Official JCCC3 Artwork by xkcd’s Randall Munroe

Organizing JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 carries occasional perks. What kind of perks? Oh, like getting to show everyone this awesome Official JCCC3 artwork by xkcd creator and JCCC3 performer Randall Munroe (inspired by his original xkcd comic “Up Goer Five“):

(click image to see a much more ginormous version)

This image (among others) will be appearing on OFFICIAL JCCC3 MERCHANDISE that will be available in the OFFICIAL JCCC3 MERCHANDISE STORE that will be online REAL SOON NOW.

The merchandise can totally be worn and/or seen on JoCo Cruise Crazy 3, which happens February 10-17, 2013, and for which you can totally still book a cabin, and you totally should because it’s a totally great time with a bunch of totally awesome performers. Just ask anyone.

(We know most of you know this already; but in case this post gets linked to xkcd fans and other folks unfamiliar with JCCC, we wanted a handy grouping of the important links)


JCCC3: Now with 100% More John Roderick

We’re extremely happy to announce that our good friend singer-songwriter John Roderick will be joining the official JCCC3 performer lineup. A veteran of both previous cruises, we look forward to John once again bringing his talent, bonhomie, friendly beard, and overall John-ness to the JCCC experience.

Learn more about John Roderick at the JCCC3 Entertainment page.



Raise the mizzenmast! Gather your personal data! Swab the deck! Check your credit card balances! Because it’s ON. For REAL. Here’s how she goes:

Booking opens for PRE-REGISTERS ONLY this Friday, May 25 at noon US Eastern time, and will remain open until noon Eastern on Monday, May 28. The JCCC3 booking website then will be CLOSED, giving our scurvy crew time to repair the damage from what is certain to be a steady volley of bookings. IMPORTANT: you will need to have your pre-registration number (which should have been sent to you by email) in order to book during this exclusive pre-registration period.

Booking will then open to the GENERAL PUBLIC at 4 pm Eastern on Tuesday, May 29. Pre-registered passengers will still be able to book a stateroom and receive any applicable discounts; you’ll just no longer have an “early booking” advantage.


To make the process as painless for you as possible, the crew has prepared a complete booking walk-through, which provides more detail on what you’ll need and how it all works. Cleverly, they have titled the page How JCCC3 Booking Works.

One more important note: compared to previous years, there is a VERY LIMITED supply of “Outside”-category cabins on the ship. We expect these cabins to sell out very quickly, and we will not be able to add any more beyond our current allotment. If you are looking to book an Outside cabin, you may wish to make a contingency plan in case they are no longer available at your time of booking. (This applies only to the “Outside” category, not to be confused with “Balcony” cabins; the Freedom of the Seas has an ocean’s worth of Balcony cabins.)

*for those who pre-registered


JCCC3 Pricing Info and Preliminary FAQ Now Available

Oooh, look! We’ve released more JCCC3 details. Sound the media! Alert the alarm!

The Pricing page now has a full breakdown of the Cruise and Entertainment Pass prices for JCCC3.

In addition, we’ve got a preliminary FAQ up and running (with answers about JCCC3 in general, as well as the booking process); more details forthcoming, we promise. We think we’ve answered most of the likely booking questions there, but if we missed something, please just let us know.

For everyone who pre-registered: please be aware that the deadline to cancel with a 100% refund on your pre-registration deposit is 11:59:59 pm (Eastern) on May 4, 2012. All cancellations made on or after May 5th will incur a $35 processing fee. If you wish to cancel your pre-registration, you can do so here: (You’ll need your Pre-Registration ID number, as well as the name and email address you used to pre-register)

Actual booking will begin in mid/late-May, 2012. (Specific date TBA) It’s one step closer to being a real, actual thing! Are you excited yet? Because we are excited yet!

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We are thrilled to announce the following information regarding JoCo Cruise Crazy 3:

JoCo Cruise Crazy 3
February 10-17, 2013 - Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas
Traveling to the Eastern Caribbean (CocoCay, Bahamas; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; and Philipsburg, St. Maarten)
Departing from Port Canaveral, FL

The Office Monkeys are furiously working on updating our booking system (which will now be powered by an Infinite Improbability Drive, so that should be fun); we promise we’ll give everyone PLENTY of notice as to when booking will begin.

NOTE: to those of you who pre-registered for JCCC3: this announcement DOES NOT start the “countdown clock” for getting a 100% refund on your deposit. We’ll announce the “100% pre-registration refund” cutoff date via email (to all pre-registrees and everyone on the JCCC3 email list), as well as here on the JCCC website, once that date has been set.

We will be updating the website with pricing information and other salient details as soon as possible; HOWEVER…if you already know for sure that you would like a refund (because the above itinerary won’t work in your schedule, or whatever reason), you may submit your request for a pre-registration refund via the JCCC3 Pre-Registration Refund web page. (Have your Pre-registration ID number handy to complete the process)

Reminder: to participate in JCCC3, you must book your cruise through us; you cannot book your cruise separately (directly through RCI or via a third party), and then purchase just the Entertainment Pass through us.

Here we go again!

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Pre-Register for JoCo Cruise Crazy 3!

Pre-registration for JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 is now open to everyone! UPDATE: The pre-registration period for JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 is now over. You will still be able to join JCCC3 when booking begins; you’ve just missed out on the pre-registration discount. Sorry!

As of March 1, we have not yet finalized details for JCCC3, but we do know the following things:

  • JCCC3 will once again be in the Caribbean
  • JCCC3 will occur either in February or March of 2013

So, if we don’t know the details yet, why should you pre-register?

  • Everyone who pre-registers will receive a $25 per person discount on Entertainment Passes for all passengers in their booking.
  • In addition, all Sea Monkeys (folks who attended JCCC1 and/or JCCC2) who pre-register will have first crack at booking their cabins during an Early Booking period (duration TBD, but at least 48 hours), before booking is opened to the rest of the general public. (Non-Sea Monkeys who pre-register will still receive the $25/person discount, but must wait until the General Booking period to book their staterooms)

Your $25/person discount is applicable no matter when you actually book your cabin—e.g., pre-registered Sea Monkeys wait until the General Booking period will still receive this discount—and is offered independently of any other booking discount(s) we may make available.

Pre-registration requires a $100 per cabin deposit. These deposits are fully refundable for any reason until 14 days after we email you with the final itinerary and pricing details for JCCC3, so you will have time to decide if JCCC3 will fit within your schedule. (We will also post this information and the end date for the pre-registration refund period here at at that time) If you decide not to attend, you can get your deposit back without penalty within that time period. After that 14-day period has expired, deposit refunds will be subject to a $30 processing fee.

To be clear: pre-registering does not automatically guarantee you any additional booking discounts we may offer (Koko’s Kittens, etc.) beyond the $25/person pre-registration discount; any other discounts may be subject to different qualification guidelines.

During the pre-registration process, we will also ask you for a tentative number in your party and tentative cabin class; you will be able to change these without penalty when you book your actual cabin. Also, your cabin type selection at this stage does not guarantee availability of that cabin type at the time of your actual booking.

So what do you have to lose? (Answer: nothing) Go now and pre-register LIKE A BOSS. Pre-registration closes March 15, 2012; so act now!