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Sea Monkey Shore Excursions!

It’s Official:  for JCCC4, we’ve arranged through Royal Caribbean to have Sea Monkey-only shore excursions! Hit the beach, do some snorkeling and/or scuba diving, ride a zip line 500+ feet over a beautiful beach, and/or encounter ocean wildlife, surrounded by your fellow Sea Monkeys to enjoy it with you! See below for a complete list […]

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JCCC4: Here We Go Again! (or General Public booking is now open)

General public booking for JoCo Cruise Crazy 4 is now open. Pricing information is here. Our prices now include ALL cabin and JCCC-related expenses: cruise fare, all taxes and fees, gratuity, and the JCCC Entertainment Pass (which gets you into the exclusive JCCC entertainment). The only things left to pay for are optional: alcohol/soda; excursions; […]

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Raise the mizzenmast! Gather your personal data! Swab the deck! Check your credit card balances! Because it’s ON. For REAL. Here’s how she goes: Booking opens for PRE-REGISTERS ONLY this Friday, May 25 at noon US Eastern time, and will remain open until noon Eastern on Monday, May 28. The JCCC3 booking website then will be […]

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Holy Coconuts!

You folks really want to go cruisin’ JoCo style, dontcha? We are literally OVERWHELMED by the first-day booking response, which has us feeling both humbled and frazzled. In concrete terms, it means three things: The first 250 berths have been booked. HOWEVER, we’ve decided to extend the Koko’s Kittens special offer to all staterooms booked […]

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On the Last Episode of JoCo Cruise Crazy…

What was the 2011 JoCo Cruise Crazy like? It’s hard to capture the extent of the awesomeness if you weren’t there, but it was literally everything we hoped it would be, and more. In addition to all of the performances and planned activities, things just sort of…happened. But the pictures below will give you at […]

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There’s a lot of us.

One month in and we’re well on our way to taking over the ship. So now the pressing question becomes: what should the people who come on JoCo Cruise Crazy be called? Fortunately we have poll technology, meaning we get to push the decision off onto you.

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Cheap Publicity Stunts!

It took a while for the JoCo Crusie Crazy legal team to work out the details (monkeys aren’t so good with deadlines); but we’re excited to announce THREE awesome contests that will excite current and potential cruisers alike: 1. JoCo Cruise Crazy Cruise Giveaway – win a FREE CRUISE* for two and FREE JOCO CRUISE […]

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The Story So Far…

It’s been less than two weeks since we started taking bookings, and we’ve already almost filled all of the slots in the coveted first 250. Not that you should take a vacation with JoCo Cruise Crazy just because you want to be part of the MEGA-EXCLUSIVE FIRST NIGHT COCKTAIL RECEPTION and have PREFERRED SEATING AT […]

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