Pre-Register for JoCo Cruise Crazy 3!

Pre-registration for JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 is now open to everyone! UPDATE: The pre-registration period for JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 is now over. You will still be able to join JCCC3 when booking begins; you’ve just missed out on the pre-registration discount. Sorry!

As of March 1, we have not yet finalized details for JCCC3, but we do know the following things:

  • JCCC3 will once again be in the Caribbean
  • JCCC3 will occur either in February or March of 2013

So, if we don’t know the details yet, why should you pre-register?

  • Everyone who pre-registers will receive a $25 per person discount on Entertainment Passes for all passengers in their booking.
  • In addition, all Sea Monkeys (folks who attended JCCC1 and/or JCCC2) who pre-register will have first crack at booking their cabins during an Early Booking period (duration TBD, but at least 48 hours), before booking is opened to the rest of the general public. (Non-Sea Monkeys who pre-register will still receive the $25/person discount, but must wait until the General Booking period to book their staterooms)

Your $25/person discount is applicable no matter when you actually book your cabin—e.g., pre-registered Sea Monkeys wait until the General Booking period will still receive this discount—and is offered independently of any other booking discount(s) we may make available.

Pre-registration requires a $100 per cabin deposit. These deposits are fully refundable for any reason until 14 days after we email you with the final itinerary and pricing details for JCCC3, so you will have time to decide if JCCC3 will fit within your schedule. (We will also post this information and the end date for the pre-registration refund period here at at that time) If you decide not to attend, you can get your deposit back without penalty within that time period. After that 14-day period has expired, deposit refunds will be subject to a $30 processing fee.

To be clear: pre-registering does not automatically guarantee you any additional booking discounts we may offer (Koko’s Kittens, etc.) beyond the $25/person pre-registration discount; any other discounts may be subject to different qualification guidelines.

During the pre-registration process, we will also ask you for a tentative number in your party and tentative cabin class; you will be able to change these without penalty when you book your actual cabin. Also, your cabin type selection at this stage does not guarantee availability of that cabin type at the time of your actual booking.

So what do you have to lose? (Answer: nothing) Go now and pre-register LIKE A BOSS. Pre-registration closes March 15, 2012; so act now!


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    The link, it is borken. Mew?

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