More People You Will See On The Boat

Season’s greetings to one and all! It’s me, your friend David Rees aka “Good King Wenceslas, the Original Holiday Hero.”

JoCoCruiseCrazyII is hurtling towards us (only two months away!) and Jonathan is still adding people to our roster of World-Class Talent.

Here are the latest additions to our merry band of deep-sea revelers:

Molly is a talented singer/songwriter whose weapon of choice is the ukulele. Here she is on the first JoCoCruiseCrazy, performing a popular 14th-century plague ballad:

Molly’s hobbies include playing weird board games, if my memories of last year’s cruise are accurate. Suffice to say I will be playing Apples to Apples on the ocean with her in a couple months.
Welcome back, Molly!

One of the highlights of last year’s cruise was a performance of My Monster, a play by Bill Corbett starring Joseph Scrimshaw. Mr. Scrimshaw is returning to the sea in his capacity as a comedian and performer.

This is an important image from his web site:

Fountains of Wayne are a really good, famous power-pop band. Chris Collingwood sings for them. He also writes songs for them and plays guitar for them. Basically, he is in Fountains of Wayne, I guess is the easiest way to explain it. Chris is joining us on the cruise to perform music in his capacity as a solo superpower.

Are you worried that Chris won’t feel comfortable performing music on a boat? Don’t worry: As we can tell from this video, Chris is quite at home on seacraft:

There you have it! Three more talents joining us on the ocean!* Please join me in welcoming Molly, Joseph, and Chris.

That’s all for now,
But there will be more soon,
From me,
Your pal,

(*I know, I know: It’s too much talent. What can we say? WE WANT YOU PEOPLE TO HAVE FUN.)

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  1. Posted December 21, 2011 at 9:14 pm | Permalink

    Another Apples to Apples? My warped sense of humor can’t wait! Mmm. Juicy pus-filled wounds.

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